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Sunday, 3 May 2015

Copenhagen Denmark

In Copenhagen the re-positioning cruise ended and the Baltic sea cruise began. Lots of passengers got off and more got on.

We had a total of eleven days at sea since leaving Fort Lauderdale seventeen days ago. The ship ran out of the local currency so we tromped around Copenhagen on a Saturday looking for a geldomat or whatever they call an ATM there.

My ATM card was declined (despite filing a travel notification so I used a credit card to withdraw about 300 kroner (about $50). They have a chip and pin system here rather than the chip and sign system we are moving toward in the States.

We find a place for lunch and have a pizza and roast beef sandwich. I spend 200 of my kroner. Our ship data plan ran out at noon. We're considering whether to buy another one or just leech off local hot spots until we hit Saint Petersburg on May 8th.

This morning I used the machine on the 4th floor to exchange 60 euros in bills for 350 Norwegian kroner. I use the machine at 5:30 AM before the other passengers drain it again. We're cruising up a fjord toward Oslo, Norway this morning. More on that later.

My Trip Adviser App seems to have crashed. Perhaps I will delete and reload it at the next hot spot we encounter.

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