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Sunday, 9 March 2008

Tesla, Time Travel and the Philadelphia Experiment

There are places where time and space are naturally bent. An example is the strange Lordsburg Door, located near Lordsburg, New Mexico. Periodically, as the door opens, a tree stump with a human leg embedded in it is seen near mile marker 17 out on US highway 90.

There is some evidence that these fluxes in space and time can be artificially induced. This appears to have been the case with the USS Eldritch, which took part in the Philadelphia Experiment on August 15, 1943.

The brilliant inventor Nicola Tesla and the theoretician Albert Einstein are both reported to have been involved in this experiment. The object was to render the ship invisible by wrapping the hull in inch-thick cable though which a high-frequency signal from an elaborate system of generators and Tesla coils was induced.

The results were disastrous. When activated, the ship generated a green fog and disappeared from Philadelphia, reappearing in Norfolk Harbor 24 hours later. Many of the crew ended up embedded in the walls of the ship. Others became insane. Some were mercifully dispatched with a pistol shot to the head. Here is a written account from one of the few survivors of the 176 man crew.

Tesla was a genius of such magnitude that some doubt that he was actually human. Many of Tesla's inventions, like the “free energy receiver” and the long-range "death ray" may have been suppressed to prevent the collapse of the electrical utility, coal and oil industries or for reasons of National Security.

Tesla also attempted an experiment to use the core of the Earth like a “tuning fork” to conduct "free" electricity. In the process, he melted the town generator of Colorado Springs. At exactly the same time, an unexplained explosion in Siberia of about 15 megatons leveled hundreds of square miles of pine forests. This explosion is often dismissed as a comet or meteor impact.

After his death in New York City, Tesla’s files and notes on death rays and other matters were confiscated by the FBI. Some of the FBI files on Tesla were published on the Internet under the Freedom of information act, but these have since been removed.

It's easy to sensationalize this strange American immigrant. He fell in love with a white female pigeon with violet eyes. He said he saw rays of light emanating from her eyes. He insisted on exactly 17 folded linen napkins with every meal. He constructed a tower in New Jersey to communicate with aliens. However his fame rests on rock solid accomplishments: the invention of alternating current, AC motors, the first radio transmitter and receiver (two years before Marconi) and the first to harness the power of falling water to generate electricity (at Niagara Falls).

Here is the author and Tesla's symbolically unlighted statue at Niagara Falls.


  1. Dear Bob,
    Thanks for the Blog.The Firecloud Report is just the kind of thing I have researching since my early days in Tech school over 20 years ago. I have been working on plans for a "device" similar to those you mentioned, and others, but have always had money problems. Please contact me via my email at

  2. Hi,
    TESLA is the secret inventor of everything we have today, including space travel (with his nephew Nic Terbo, another Serb, who was born in America), Tesla is the brain of the car, TV, computer, plance, Jet engine + Helicopter (helicopter I believe in cooperation with his nephew), endless... So Yes he is disturbing, everything Audio + Video, color & motion pict. cameras, endless. You probably know all of this yourself. What we have today includ. Wireless, cell phones, GPS, MRI's is Tesla even though it was developed much after his death, translated & appropriated... Endless, he had Crystals (Silica) in the brain, due to our unusual Slavic people's plant-based diet. He was a vegetarian till the end of his days, probably for 55 yrs. He could finish many people's ideas + connect the dots to perfection.
    P.S. Einstein had nothing to do with the Philadelphia experiment, they just confiscated his papers + against his wish carried the preliminaries, altho it took them decades to perfect this science that Tesla left them the groundworks in his 36 full to the brim crates, at his deathbed in January 1943.


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