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An irregular marking on the exterior of Native American pottery: usually resulting from burning fuel coming in direct contact with the vessel during firing

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Kalispell, Montana

Where were we? Oh! Yeah!...The North Cascades National Park. We've made several drives east and stops since then. First we camped two nights in Quisp, Washington. I liked it a lot. Hank's Grocery store had an amazing variety of stuffed elephant heads, wildebeests and gazelles on display. Apparently Hank was a member of that disappearing breed, the Great White Hunter. (Not to be confused with the Great White Hope or the Great White Shark). Quisp also had a really nice hardware store that was selling .45 caliber automatic pistols for as low as $179 with no screening process or waiting period as far as I could ascertain.

After Quisp we drove  east another 200 miles and stopped in Sandpoint, Idaho. We liked the Sandpoint fairground camp sites a lot. We found the tennis courts and played two sets early on the second day. I prefer not to discuss the scores. We took a drive along a lake that got really deep 15,000 years ago. Glaciers and an ice dam were covering all the mountains up to a height of 4,500 feet. When all that suddenly melted and broke it scoured most of Eastern Washington down to bedrock.

I've been really lazy about taking pictures. I stole all these pix off the Internet. I need to ship my M-1 assault rifle back to a friend in Florida so we can go into Canada if we choose to do so.

We're just outside the Glacier National Park. It connects to the Canadian park, Waterton and forms what they call an international peace park. There is a really tough ten mile hike along Waterton lake between Waterton in Canada and a ranger station in the U.S. called Goat Haunt, Montana. The last time we hiked it we had an interesting encounter with a large and aggressive black bear,


  1. hope you don't see any aggressive black bears this time...sil

  2. Wow - Incredible pictures. What an amazing place to visit. I can still dream...