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Thursday, 21 July 2011

Glacier National Park

Rocky Mountains, Northern Montana

We went to Two Medicine lake today to take a ride in an 86 year old wooden tour boat and hike back to twin falls. Glacier is our favorite National Park. This is our 5th visit. The lakes and glacier scoured mountains are very impressive.

Glacier became a National Park in 1910. The Great Northern Railroad built a number of very impressive grand lodges and chalets that became park elements. Back in the day, the park was a playground for the wealthy. Tourists arrived by train and moved between lodges on horseback.

The Going-To-The-Sun Road finally got cleared of snow on July 12. It's 55 miles of spectacular road and hiking opportunities between the East and West sides of the park. It can only handle vehicles 20 feet or less in length. St. Mary's Lake at the beginning of the road on the west side has a little island called "Wild Goose Island" in honor or two wild geese who mated for life and came back to spend the summer for many years.

We see a couple of wild sheep high on the road in the middle of a road repair project.

The views on the road are spectacular.

We go back to "Many Glacier" and the old lodge and have lunch.

Unfortunately, I forget to take the camera and so I am impelled to steal pix off the internet.

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  1. how come you never park/camp in the urban jungle? the views of local natives, cement ponds, 3 foot haze visibility and patches of grass are priceless!