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An irregular marking on the exterior of Native American pottery: usually resulting from burning fuel coming in direct contact with the vessel during firing

Saturday, 4 October 2014

On the Verge

I'm trying again to get my weight down. When I hit 178 I'll be 62 pounds lighter. My reward will be a new motorcycle. Only 9.2 pounds to go......Meanwhile, elsewhere, a Florida massage therapist revealed that she had had surgery to implant a third breast. “I got it because I wanted to make myself unattractive to men,” she said. “If this doesn’t work, I’m through".

 I sat on the new Honda CBR 300 with the automatic braking system today during my walk. I didn't like the way it felt. The Honda 700 felt more like a real motorcycle and less like a kid's crotch rocket. The gas tank is below the seat so the center of gravity is low. They say that two cylinders are better than one.....A judge in Kansas ruled that a man with a neck tattoo reading MURDER could wear a turtleneck during his trial for first-degree murder.

 We've been to some fantastic places this year...All over Alaska, canoeing on the Yukon, Wendover Nevada, Sho-Low Arizona, A cruise over the Atlantic where I got to wear my new tuxedo, Barcelona, Florence, Cinque Terra, Venice, Pisa, Verona, Vienna, \Budapest...and more..U.S. Veterans Health Administration offered Vietnam veteran Doug Chase an appointment with a primary-care doctor  22 months after he died of a brain tumor. “We are committed to providing primary care in a timely manner,” said a letter sent to Chase, “and would greatly appreciate a prompt response".

I still need to sort though about 10,000 pictures to make the Firecloud 2015 Calendar...Let me know if you want one...A September raid on an ISIS safe house in Syria turned up a Dell laptop containing recipes for bubonic plague and ricin, and a recipe for banana mousse and a variety of songs by Celine Dion.

In two days my radiation treatments will be over. We will leave the RV in Sarasota and head North to see the leaves change in New England...on the way we want to see the Jimmy Carter Presidential library in of my bucket list items is to see them all. A traditional dish on the Italian island of Sardinia is casu marzu. It's made using sheep's milk cheese that has been injected with live insect larvae. The cheese is generally cut into thin strips and spread on flat bread. You have to hold your hand over the bread while eating it, as the white, inch-long larvae can leap up about six inches.

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