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Monday, 13 October 2014

North to Vermont

We decide to take a road trip without the RV. My calculations are that for a short trip, the motel rooms and restaurants will be cheaper than gas for the behemoth.

Bruce and Felica take us to dinner in a German restaurant in Atlanta. I have something called sweinbraten...very good...

Aloysius is a fairly large dog. he likes to climb up in your lap and lick your face.

We talk Bruce and Felica into seeing the Carter library and Carter Center in Atlanta.

Jimmy has been active in fighting poverty, disease and brokering peace agreements during his retirement. I drove 100 miles to vote for him in 1974.

After Atlanta we spend some time on the Blue Ridge Parkway and Skyline Drive.

The leaves have started to turn at the higher elevations.

The green house at 333 Center Street  in Ithaca is where I was living during WWII while my father and all my uncles were out of town.

This bar has been here since 1946. I always have wanted to go in. Mrs. Phred has a glass of wine and I have a rum and coke. Albert Einstein might have had a drink here. He used to come down from Cornell and get my father to cook eggs and ham early in the morning at the diner which is now gone.

My father bought this gray house at 105 Utica Street about 1948. We lived here for five years before moving to Florida. We packed all our stuff in a small trailer behind a 1949 Chevy and went to Tampa.

We hiked from Lower Enfield  to Upper Enfield one day. It's about a five mile round trip.

There are many deep, narrow gorges arounf Ithaca. They've been carved in the last 10,000 years though soft shale formations after the glaciers receded.

We do some wine tasting at a few of the many wineries around the Finger Lakes.

Watkins Glen at the base of Senaca Lake is one of the most spectacular gorges in the area.

We start at the top and walk down and back up.

I count the steps on the way back up. There are over 700. The next day we both feel muscle pain in our legs.

After Ithaca we head up to Vermont....more about that later.

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