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Friday, 24 July 2009

Meeting Rocky on the Overlook

Brighton Beach Marina and RV Park, Oregon

We ran a little too far past the Tillamook Cheese factory, but we have a nice water view from our front window. Another 60 miles and we'll be into Washington State.

Last night, after dinner, some nice people brought us a raspberry cobbler. Sometimes Mrs. Phred's social nature pays off. I would have given them some sockeye salmon, but they were not up and about before we had to move on this morning.

We picked up our mail in Tillamook and drove another 18 miles north to the marina. Then we drove a little north to some coastal overlooks and met Rocky. Rocky is from the western Australia. I asked him if his home was near Alice Springs and he laughed. He bought a 1991 Dodge van with a bed in the back and is spending three months touring the US before he flys out of New York.

Rocky is going to cut back down to see the big sites in Utah, Arizona and New Mexico. His van cost him $1,500. It has a bed in the back like our Ford camper van back in Tampa. We were a little envious of his lightweight camping plans.

When we got back to the marina I locked both sets of keys in the Toyota. I boosted Mrs. Phred up seven feet into the RV using the clasped hand technique to break into an open window in the RV because I had to pee. Fortunately she is very light and lithe. An AAA guy named "Rick" showed up in 30 minutes with a cool tool to open the Toyota. He really likes how easy it is to break into new cars.

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