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Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Home is Where Our Wheels Are

Hat Creek RV Park, California

We rolled though Reno, Nevada, today and then headed up US 395 to the Lassen Volcanic National Park entrance in the middle of California . My little portable GPS took us twenty miles out of the way to the wrong Hat Creek RV Park. This is a shot from the back of the RV.

This is my bathroom. It's really nice to have my own so I don't get kicked out in the morning by Mrs. Phred.

We could see the housing bubble deflation coming so we sold our old historic home in downtown Tampa and started driving around. We carry our Weber grill in the Toyota trunk. I'm cooking a Porterhouse tonight. My apologies to my vegetarian friends. (Frisbeetarians believe that when you die, your soul gets stuck on the roof).

Changing your home location every two days or so means that you need to reconnect sewer, fresh water, cable and electricity. It takes about five minutes. Mrs. Phred is learning to do it in case I become incapacitated or totally inoperative.

To tow the Toyota you connect these arms and padlock the chains. There is a set of wires that make the Toyota lights blink in sync...We also have a gadget called a "Brake Buddy" that applies the Toyota brakes and sends radio signals to the RV. Mrs. Phred is learning to hook all this stuff up, just in case.

My favorite gadget is the self-leveling jacks. Push a button and're level. We used to spend a long time driving up on yellow blocks with the last RV. Now we have a computer to do it.

The living room slide adds a lot of space to our home when we're parked.

I love the automatic satellite dish. The last RV was a pain in the keister . I had to spend a long time trying to point the dish to the right place when we moved. This one just whirrs and locks on.
The Italian washer/dryer is a nice touch. We no longer save our quarters for the laundromat.

Mrs Phred is using the computer on the dinette.

Our bedroom. We make the bed every morning together. When you stop making the bed, it's a very bad sign.

I love this double door refrig. The door on our old RV had plastic hinges and the door kept falling off. This one has steel hinges and an icemaker.

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  1. Thanks for the looks very have 2bathrooms??????
    now that is for the AC we can only hope!!! sil