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Saturday, 18 July 2009

Weinermobile Crashes into Home

Mt. Pleasant, Wisconsin

When you see the beautiful Oscar Mayer Wienermobile, your first thought is, "Damn, I wish I had one of those". Apparently, a 22 year-old lady Wienermobile driver put one of these lovely machines in forward instead of reverse and crashed it though the garage of a Mt. Pleasant home, cracking the foundation of the house.

The first Wienermobile rolled out in 1936. One was pulled over in Colorado for a stolen license plate several years ago. Eventually it was determined that the plate should be considered stolen only when not attached to a Wienermobile.

After 15 years of attempts, I finally beat Mrs. Phred in a tennis set. The score was 6-3. My life has included many triumphs, but none was so sweet as this victory.
We wandered the coast of Oregon today. The sand dunes dominate this area for almost 50 miles.
In the morning we'll move north maybe 80 or 100 miles.
The dunes attract a number of OHVs (off road vehicles). These are full sized vehicles like dune buggies that are not licenced to drive on highways. There are also ATVs (all terrain vehicles). These are little four wheel motorcycles by Honda and Kawasaki that are designed for off-road use. We watch a dirt bike do an amazing wheelie up a 700 foot sand dune with a 45 degree slope. I don't really approve of any of this. It seems like shameful conspicuous consumption of gasoline and a crazy mistreatment of lovely high-performance engines in blowing sand. You have to wonder how many of these machines and the trailers to haul them were financed by easy credit. Oregon has a 12% unemployment rate.

Some of the off-roaders seem relatively young. They like to start them early.

The dunes extend up to 20 miles inland and rise to heights of 800 feet.. Sand washes up on the beach and is dried and blown inland by the sea breeze. It's the middle of July and the temperature near the beach hovers near 50 degrees F. As you move inland 20 miles it raises to near 100 degrees.

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