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Tuesday, 11 October 2011

The News Gets Weird

Believe it (or not)

So Santorum says that Mitt Romney belongs to a "cult" religion? Excuse me? Pot? Kettle? Black?

Sadly, my man, Obama, has extended the civil rights abuses of George Bush. He decides to summarily execute American citizens with a pen scratch and a Hellfire missile.. Off with his head....(belch)...

It's not that I'm against extrajudicial assassinations of troublesome citizens. I just think they should be kept secret.

The whole global financial system teeters on the edge of a vote by Slovakia to support an increase in the ECB (European Central Bank) assets or not....Slovakia????

We are faced with getting a lot of shots for our visit to Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam...

The Center for Disease Control recommends:
  • Tetanus shots
  • Polio booster shots
  • Malaria pills
  • Typhoid shots
  • Hepatitis A and B shots
  • Japanese encephalitis shots 
The Sarasota Health department is willing to help us with this for about $800. I'm starting to think that Part D prescription insurance would almost have paid for itself.

There's a statue in Bangkok that is a 15 ton solid gold Buddha. It's over 10 feet tall. 600 years ago it was covered with plaster because of an invasion. They were surprised a few years ago when a crane knocked off some plaster during a 1950 demolition of this minor temple and the gold shined though. Now tourists like me go to see it.

$36,000 a pound times 30,000 pounds is a little more than a billion dollars...I am no longer impressed with less than a steal a 15 ton Buddha would take some planning...

I struggle to remember Bangkok in 1967. There was the lovely Temple of Dawn, a pyramid inlaid with broken blue and white china. I had a lunch from a vendor in a boat on the canal. He had one plate and one fork that he washed in the canal between customers. The rice and fish head cost a baht (that was a nickle then, but 3 cents now). My air force shots must have protected me from the feces and other drek in the canal.

I remember climbing the stairs of the temple. They were very steep, but I was young, stupid and fearless. We rode down the canal in a "long-tail" boat. Back then I think that 4 cylinder Renault engines were very common. This guy looks like he's handling a a Chevy V-8. Time marches on.

 An old lady on the canal with orange gums smiled at me and tossed me a narcotic betel nut. Betel nut makes your gums orange.

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