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Thursday, 27 October 2011

Not Home Alone

North Carolina

Mrs. Phred got an IPAD2 for her birthday so now we can download books from a variety of different "APPS", play "Angry Birds" and try to avoid zombies while driving a virtual car down a desert highway. We also have an APP that is trying to teach us Thai phrases like "Where is the bathroom?" and "please bring our check".

Mrs. Phred's cousin in Chiang Mai, Thailand has hundreds of piano albums and songs available in the Apple Store. Our passports came back with a visa good for ninety days from the Royal Embassy of Cambodia. The only worry we have now is the increasing flooding in Bangkok, which looks to still be there by December 4th. Our hotel in Bangkok is where "Hangover II" was filmed.

Christmas and our 45th anniversary on Christmas Eve will be on the Mekong River in Cambodia. Like the song "Holiday in Cambodia" says, "..pack a wife". Click on the MP3 thingy to the right side of the blog to hear the song.

The grandchildren are easy to amuse. Playing dodge ball on the trampoline or swinging them high in the hammock sends the little ones into paroxysms of laughter. Our oldest grandson taught us to program and use the new IPAD2.

The cameras on the front and back of the IPAD are very cool. I love the way the display rotates when you spin the pad around.

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  1. looks like someone is having fun...sil