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Saturday, 23 June 2007

The Edmonton Mall

Edmonton, Alberta - June 22, 2007

We went to the West Edmonton mall today. It’s even bigger than the Mall of the Americas in Minneapolis. It is the world’s largest mall.

As we walked in we saw a very large ice skating rink. Other features include a huge indoor water park with extremely tall slides, a sea lion show, a full size floating pirate ship, a rock band, a bunch of live flamingos and an aquarium full of poisonous stonefish. There was also a bungee jumping area and a wing of pubs and restaurants like Hooters and Tony Roma’s ribs. There were at least three multiplex theatres.

The mall also contains a large theme park called Galaxyland. It must be interesting, it costs $30 to enter. One entirely new piece of technology was a large, darkened online gaming establishment with big screen game displays. We walked for three hours and probably saw 30% of the mall.

The picture of Marilyn was in a hologram store. There was also a kangaroo petting zoo and a half-dozen Koalas in a eucalyptus grove. The brace of Pandas in the bamboo forest was also nice touch. We missed the "Sea Cave" section with the Great White Sharks.

Pictures of the Mall.

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