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Tuesday, 28 August 2007

I've Seen the Light

Mountain Home, Arkansas

I get up and seven and paint until five. With a four-inch brush I get one coat on the siding of the big front porch. I figure at least 100 hours to brush the whole house with two coats. Paul puts Janis Joplin, Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd on for me to listen to as I paint. I'm feeling spoiled and pampered.

I consider house-painting as my next profession. My father was a house painter. I started working new construction with him at age 13 and did it weekends and summers with him before college. It still feels good.

Diane comes home around six and I tell her I can do the whole thing in one more day with an airless spray-gun. She gives her approval and we all head down to Home Depot in the evening to pick out the shiny new tool. It's dawn now and I get to open the box when the sun comes up.

The liver is the seat of the emotions.

Paul has become convinced that meat, sugar, bad fats and alcohol clog the liver with fat and bile and cause bad emotions, heart disease, body fat, fatigue and diabetes.

He's lost 40 pounds since he changed his diet eight weeks ago. Diane has lost 30.

I become an instant disciple. Beans, vegetables, fruit, baked fish and ground flax seed is my new mantra. No dairy, no alcohol, no meat. Fortunately Tuscan halibut is still on the menu.

Think about goose pate. That kind of liver can't be good for you or for the goose.

The liver becomes clogged with fats and poisons with the standard American diet. The fat released by the liver in bile is 90% reabsorbed without sufficient fiber in the diet. Bad fats and toxins tax the liver.

The liver is like the air filter on your car's engine. You need to keep it clean.

I've seen the light.

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