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An irregular marking on the exterior of Native American pottery: usually resulting from burning fuel coming in direct contact with the vessel during firing

Wednesday, 22 August 2007


Grand Island, Nebraska

We've made 400 miles a day for the last two days. We're heading east.
Here are a few pictures of Yellowstone.

Our plans to take a dogleg West to Wendover and San Francisco have been put on hold. We want to be on the East Coast for a family wedding and for the arrival of another grandchild in early September. The next trip out we hope to spend some time with my brother in Nevada.

I google 125 Cedar Street after seeing that a 3 by 5 sheet of aluminum from the Duetchmark Building fell on the roof before the fire. There are lots of hits on the old building located on the south edge of ground zero. I stayed there often with Mrs. Phred's sister and brother-in-law before 9/11 and waved at the office workers in the South Tower windows across the street. They just moved to Venice, Italy and enrolled in language classes. Now Mrs. Phred is talking about living in Europe.

Suddenly the mess in New Orleans is a little more focused. They are still tearing down buildings damaged six years ago in New York. It's all about money. Money doesn't flow naturally toward disaster.

On the subject of growing tobacco, there is an Indian brand called Rustica that can be used to tip poison arrows. You don't want to plant tobacco on the same piece of land more than once every five years. Green peppers and tomatoes are related to tobacco so you can't rotate them with tobacco crops, since they share nematodes.

The big challenge with tobacco crops is the curing process, which can take five years.

Finally, I find myself in rare agreement with President Bush. He said yesterday that Iraq is another Vietnam. I knew that before the invasion over four years ago.

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