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Monday, 27 August 2007

That Trip is Over

Mountain Home, Arkansas

The trip to Alaska is over. We are in Paul's backyard again.

We will move on to Virginia next. We have mixed feelings about buying a home, but it feels like time to find a place to park the wheels after two years as gypsies. We ran into some real gypsies in Nebraska. There were about ten families with new trucks and old trailers in Grand Isle. The trucks looked nice and had "rust-proofing" signs on their doors. These folks are notorious swindlers that travel around the U.S. spraying worthless whitewash on things for the elderly and the gullible.

They've been busy here since we left under icy conditions last winter. The Mansion-in-the-Woods has been newly sided with Hardy Board, a miracle material of cellulose and concrete.

Paul has offered me the opportunity to hand-paint the whole thing with some miracle paint he has picked out. I could do the whole vthing in a day with my airless equipment in storage, but for some reason, Paul wants it brushed.

We went swimming in Norfork lake yesterday. The water temperature was perfect. In the Southern evening the crickets sing under a full moon.

We only have one credit card from a bank. I was astounded yesterday to see that they had added a 3% fee to a tankful of $6 a gallon Canadian gas. The avarice of American banks is astonishing. If you travel, use American Express or a credit union for your debit and credit cards. I paid the fee and cancelled the card. Strangely, cancelling credit cards can reduce your credit score.

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