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Friday, 10 August 2007

A Man and His Schnauzer

Banff National Park, Alberta

We blew though Jasper and Banff fairly quickly. The temperature was in the low 40s and it rained continuously. We did the obligatory walk around Lake Louise in Banff.

Probably the highlight was a gold crested ground squirrel eating raspberries. I had a couple myself but felt a little guilty raiding the little guys larder.

On the long drive up today, we passed a summit at 7,280 feet. We were in a sleet storm with lightning strikes. The RV transmission felt like it was slipping so I pulled into a rest area.

A man on a Harley was cuddling his schnauzer in the shelter of an outhouse. He was driving from Vancouver to Calgary. The little dog was shivering in the sleet. He had his own seat just in front of the driver.

Later a young man flagged us down. He was driving a jeep. He wasn’t out of gas , but he was afraid that he would run out of gas before the gas station ten miles ahead. Apparently he thought that running out of gas would damage his vehicle. “Son”, I said, “I’ve run out of gas fifty times and it’s never hurt my vehicles.”

But you know youth. They don’t listen to age and wisdom. So I dropped him at the gas station. We both had the feeling that there was something sinister about the boy. Fortunately I more than hold my own with sharks and psychopaths.

So here are in Waterton. Possibly the most lovely place on earth. We want to take the lake boat to Goat Haunt, Montana in the morning and do the fifteen mile hike along the lonely lake shore back to Waterton.

Goat Haunt is a ranger station that can only be reached by the boat or by a fifty mile hike from within Montana.

Here a some humble shots of Banff National Park.

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