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An irregular marking on the exterior of Native American pottery: usually resulting from burning fuel coming in direct contact with the vessel during firing

Friday, 3 July 2009

Whoa! We can't go any further West

Trinidad, California

It took five hours to drive though the California Mountains from the Lassen National Park to the Pacific coast. The RVs V-10 was constantly wound up to about 4,000 RPM either braking or climbing though the mountains, generally following the Trinity River.

California is a garden of Eden,
a paradise to live in or see;
But believe it or not,
you won't find it so hot
If you ain't got the do re mi.
-Woody Guthrie

The Emerald Forest RV park is on the Pacific Coast. The temperature dropped forty degrees as we approached the coast. It's deliciously cool. The RV park is thick with redwoods. One stump, about eight feet in diameter, is sprouting a new tree. Redwoods are very hard to kill. Apparently the area was logged in the past. The new trees are very thick and tall. There are 650 of them in the twelve acre park.

Mrs. Phred was hoping that Andy Roddick was going to win the semi-finals against the Scottish player, Andy Murray, at Wimbledon today. I'm sure that the Queen of England was disappointed with the outcome, but that's the way the ball bounces. Princess Firecloud is happy, anyway. We're watching the reruns at 6PM Pacific time.

We're about 250 miles north of San Francisco on the coast in the middle of the Redwood forests. We want to visit San Francisco's been 44 years. Maybe it's changed a little.

You can hear the seals bellow in some of the RV parks nearer to the ocean.

I read Hunter S. Thompson's first book, "Hell's Angels" in San Francisco. I sort of remember his diatribe about white trash with English origins rolling up to the Pacific beach in the 1930's with a feeling of being cheated and and sense of unsatisfied restlessness.

They still operate strict immigration stations here in California. It's very much like Europe before they became the European Union. They pull all the cars and RVs over and inspect your refrigerator before they let you in.


  1. I workamped at a private lodge in the Trinity Alps last summer. Beautiful place - am well familiar with that road. Have you eaten at the Samoa Cookhouse in Samoa?

  2. Hi Chris,

    Carol remembers your adventures in the Trinity Alps last year.

    We met our neighbors last night and they also recommended the Samoa Cookhouse so we'll have to try it this weekend.