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Thursday, 30 April 2015

Hamburg Germany

Hamburg, the second largest city in Germany, has more canals than Venice and the most bridges within city limits of any city in the world.

We found the Elbe pedestrian tunnel under the Elbe River about a mile East of the cruise port and walked it both ways about 90 feet under the river. The tunnel was built at the beginning of the 20th century.

 Proceeding North, we found the Hamburg red light district, called the Reeperbahn. A sign on a gated area of hotels forbids entry to all women and men under the age of 18.

The Trip Adviser App is amazing. We have no cell coverage but somehow the downloaded App map keeps track of exactly where we are and tells us when we are near a restaurant, hotel or attraction. Perhaps it is triangulating on someone else' cell towers?

 We catch a cab and visit the top rated German restaurant named Bruedigans in Hamburg. I have a pork dish and Mrs Phred has stuffed square ravioli. We exchange plates about halfway though the meal.

 Famous German composers can be heard through these openings in a gray building.

We manage the five mile walk back to the boat with the aid of the App although the streets are winding and the sun is mostly obscured by clouds.

Hamburg was firebombed in WWII with about 50,000 dead and a million evacuated.

Located in the zone of British occupation after WWII, Hamburg is where the Beatles got started in the Reeperbahn district. There is a Beatles Platz to commemorate this. Lenny Krazitz is coming here June 22. I like his work.

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