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Sunday, 17 May 2015

Potsdam Germany

For our last day before flying home, we walk to the train station and take the S7 regional train 15 miles southwest to Potsdam.

It's cold and windy when we arrive early Sunday morning. We see another copy of the statue which is said to represent the emergence from totalitarianism to freedom.

We make our way to the huge Sanssouci Park which contains a number of ornate palaces and gardens built by Frederick the Great.

This smaller structure has pretty landscaping.

Frederick was often beaten and humiliated by his father. He has some interesting ideas. For example,  "If my soldiers were to begin to think, not one of them would remain in the army."

Also, "I begin by taking. I shall find scholars later to demonstrate my perfect right."

After visiting the park we find a small cafe and have currywurst for lunch. Currywurst is everywhere in Berlin. Wurst refers to a ground meat product, usually pork.

According to Wiki:
"The invention of currywurst is attributed to Herta Heuwer in Berlin in 1949 after she obtained ketchup (or possibly Worcestershire sauce) and curry powder from British soldiers in Germany. She mixed these ingredients with other spices and poured it over grilled pork sausage."

 We got a great rate at our new hotel, but wine is $11 a glass and breakfast is $25....

 The antique windmill near the castle has been rebuilt a number of times over the last 300 years. Most recently it was destroyed in 1945.

We take a picture for a group of Germans and they reciprocate. Later they ask me to take another shot of them  "without the finger", which I have accidentally positioned over the lens.

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