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Thursday, 14 May 2015

Berlin Museums

We're located in Berlin just north of Museum Island. The streets curve around and the names change every couple of blocks, so having a good map is helpful.

I think this is the Berlin Cathedral otherwise known as the Supreme Parish and Collegiate Church. It is on Museum Island fronted by Lustgarten Park.

Since Lustgarten is Mrs. Phred's maiden name, our first order of business was to get a shot of her in front of the park that was named after her illustrious German ancestors.

We take the Hop on-Hop off bus to get a feel for the layout of Berlin.

We hop off to visit two modern art museums. The painting below by Picasso has a sign that says that the circumstances surrounding its acquisition from 1938 to 1945 is currently being researched.

There is more Picasso here than we remember in the Barcelona Picasso art museum.

This surrealistic painting appears to be a collage of butterflies.

This one is called "the doll".

Not much is left of the old Kaiser Wilhelm Cathedral.

Checkpoint Charlie is a famous tourist attraction. We will see more of the old Berlin Wall another day.

The huge Jewish Museum is just south and a block east of Checkpoint Charlie. We spend about two hours could have been all day but we get hungry and run out of time about 1/3 of the way through.

Mrs. Phred in among 49 concrete pillars representing Jewish emigration to other countries.

10,000 metal faces.

This lady came back to Germany to be married in 1965. She looks a lot like Mrs. Phred did in 1965 except she is a little heavier.

A famous Jewish intellectual troublemaker.

My father often cooked ham and eggs for this man when he came to his diner in Ithaca at 4AM....small world?

Graffiti in a back alley.

View from our room...A busy confluence of subways, buses, streetcars, taxis, bicycles, autos and pedestrians...We're right on the Rosenthal Platz, only steps from the underground.

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