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Saturday, 19 January 2008

Split Picture

Sarasota, Florida/Venice, Italy

It’s been a slow day. I’ve been trying to repair a broken plastic hinge on the refrigerator door. The epoxy I’m using is JB Weld. I’m inspired by the testimonial of a man who saved his company $20,000 by using it to repair a cracked block on a D-8 caterpillar bulldozer. Last time they gave us a new door under warranty. This time I decide to spend $2.13 on epoxy and do it myself.

Mrs. Phred sends me pictures of her lunch. It looks better than what I had today.

There’s a mystery guy in one of the pictures. Probably he’s a gondola driver.

I remember a trip to Venice with Mrs. Phred some years ago. I dress in a sport coat with nice slacks and shoes on the advice of my German friend who says that if I wear jeans in Europe, I will be treated like a GI.

It works. A man with a shiny wooden motorboat spots us as marks and offers us a free ride on a wooden powerboat. We cruise the canals end up in Murano amid the glassblowers where I buy a $500 blown glass vase, which is now in our storage unit.

We leave the glassblowers expecting a ride back. But after I buy the vase, I’m informed that we need to take the water bus back to Venice.

It's raining here tonight. The neighbors have taken down their awnings in anticipation of high winds. The epoxy worked.

This is a three-day weekend. Habitat for Humanity has a holiday on Monday to observe Doctor Martin Luther King Junior day.

Tu sei l'amore della mia vita. Buon divertimento e la fretta indietro.
Buona notte.

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