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Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Marie Selby Sarasota Botanical Gardens (and more)

I get a red dot on the map of the world on the right side of this page whenever someone accesses this blog. If you click it, it gets a little bigger. One dot has me really curious. It's the one up on Hudson Bay in Manitoba...maybe the town of Churchill?

Who can this person be, I wonder. Young? Old? Man? Woman? Whoever it is, the dot is growing so they are coming back. Drop me a response, person from Hudson Bay...tell me a little about your life...(that also applies to anyone else, even Iceland).

I can remember when going to a botanical garden or eating broccoli would not have been high on the list.

The Marie Selby botanical gardens had a nice collection of psychedelic flowers. Many of them had adapted strategies for eating insects. One actually traps rats and small birds.

I've rented the cowboy movie "3:10 to Yuma" which was just released on DVD.

Mrs. Phred is leaving for Venice on Thursday. I shall miss her.

The stitches came out today. My right eyebrow is still drooping over my eye. The doctor says he cut some nerves. He's hoping they will grow back in the next six weeks. If not, he will make a few new slices and pull it back up.

I quote Oscar Wilde to the doctor. "A man's face is his autobiography. A woman's is her work of fiction".

Oscar Wilde's tomb in Paris has an angel on it. The angel once had a penis and testicles, but these were broken off and kept on the cemetery curator's desk for a number of years and ultimately disappeared.

We've been to that cemetery often enough. We feel no need to return.

My grasp of words is slipping. I've been trying ....Oh...that's remember what these special types of flowers are called all day....

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