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Saturday, 16 September 2006

Sentimental Journey

Pima Air Museum, Tucson, Arizona

There are 80 acres of airplanes on display here. I take pictures and scribble in my notebook for five hours. Many of these airplanes evoke a flood of long-dormant memories.

They even have a C-124 — it may well be one that took me to Thailand and back. I long to climb up the crew ladder and sit at the navigator's table, but these planes are sealed up and tied down. There is also a beautifully restored B-29.

The technological wonder of its time, it cost $600,000 a copy, a $3 billion wartime Cadillac investment. The 250 mph jet stream over Japan fouled up plans for high-altitude bombing. Navigator genius Curtis Lemay stood methods on their head by stripping armament and machine guns and sending in waves of these giants and their children crews with 10-pound incendiaries at night, at 500 feet, to set fire to hundreds of thousands of women, children and old men.

The names of these lovely shining birds included:
• Sentimental Journey
• Laden Maiden
• Liberty Belle
• Uninvited Guest
• American Beauty
• Lethal Lady
• Lucky Strike
• Arson, Inc
• Bad Penny
• Blind Date
• Enola Gay

We now are in the Lost Dutchman State Park at the base of Superstition Mountain. The coyotes are close and set off the camp dogs with eerie wails and yips. An RV near us is flying the Union Jack and the sun is setting.

The Dutchman came into town with a pocketful of gold nuggets, but failed to return from a second trip. Whether he was done in by Apaches or underground reptiloids is a source of speculation. A couple on a camping trip found a ledge of gold a few years ago, but the husband had a fatal heart attack on the walk back and the wife couldn't find the place again.

Many people claim to have had experiences with different types of alien beings inhabiting underground catacombs below these mountains east of Phoenix. Reports of reptilian and "grey type" aliens have increased. Some reported encounters involve reptiloids in black-hooded cloaks using abducted/campers as mind slaves or worse.

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