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Saturday, 30 September 2006

Spook Lights

South Hero, Vermont - 30 September, 2006

It'a 3:30 AM. Mrs. Phred kicks me out of bed to go out and turn off the Toyota headlights again. They turn themselves on in the very early morning and drain the battery, but not every night.

The dealerships have done nothing about the problem because "we can't reproduce it". We bought the new car in late June. The battery has drained eight times now.

This time it's very starry out again and again heavy dew has formed on the windows. Turning the light switch off and on did not extinguish the lights this time. Therefore the problem is getting worse. Finally I put the light assembly lever in the high-beam position and the lights finally go off. I suspect a short in the light assembly that is activated by morning dew or a lazy gremlin.

We've been driving in Vermont's Green Mountains looking for fall foliage, graveyards, covered bridges and dairy cows to photograph. Some sources say the peak colors are yet to come, others say they've passed. I'm really tempted to buy some postcards and scan them in to save on gas.

Today we plan to go to Montreal in Quebec and look at the underground city. It's only about an hour north, so it should be a fun day trip.

Vermont is unusual. It has the only state capital without a Macdonald's hamburger palace. It was the last state to receive a Wal-mart, the first to abolish slavery and the first to eliminate property ownership as a condition for voting. They drew "first blood" in the Revolutionary War. It's known for beautiful fall foliage, maple syrup, skiing and dairy cows. It is the most "blue" state.

There are many anti-Bush bumper stickers here:
- Somewhere in Texas a village is missing it's idiot
- No one died when Clinton lied
- Trust him twice: shame on us
- If you can read this, you're not the president

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