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An irregular marking on the exterior of Native American pottery: usually resulting from burning fuel coming in direct contact with the vessel during firing

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Warnemunde Germany

I wasn't expecting much from Warnemunde after reading Trip Adviser, but it was a nice surprise to find a pretty little fishing village turned mostly to a beachfront resort.

The river is packed with German (surprise) restaurants and tourist shops.

The day alternates between sunshine, showers and thunderstorms. It's the warmest day yet with temperatures sometimes in the low 70s.

We find an area that sells beer and a wide variety of smoked seafood. We order .5 liters of beer and a big chunk of smoked salmon.

I ask Mrs. Phred to pose before one of the fish wagons.

Eels, mckeral, salmon and many other unidentifiable bits of smoked seafood.

Back on the boat for dinner. The buffet is truly amazing. I have bratwurst and sample other German dishes of which I forget the names....

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