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Thursday, 14 May 2015

Berlin Tourists

We find a small alley that is festooned with strange street art. Inside there are many interesting things, including the Otto Weidt museum.

During World War II, visually impaired broom and brush maker Otto Weidt employed many Jews in his workshop. Weidt tried to protect his mostly blind and deaf employees from d deportation, bribing the Gestapo, falsifying documents, and even hiding a family behind as cupboard in his shop.

Murder, murder
Someone should be angry
The crime of the century
Who shot little Bambi
Never trust a hippie
'Cause I love punky Bambi
-Sex Pistols

The Who Killed Bambi shop ignores the fact that it was Bambi's mother who was actually killed. It is a trendy clothing shop that no doubt sells terminally ripped up jeans...

It's very cold but we walk miles. Here we pass the Konzerthaus, which , I think, might be a place where they have concerts.

Only about 200 yards of the "Anti-Fascist Protection Rampart" or Berlin wall remain in the area near "Checkpoint Charlie". The rest of the wall has been demolished.

C-47s lining up to off load food and other supplies in 1948 during the Berlin Airlift.

The "Topography of Terror" displays at the Wall trace the rise and fall of the 3rd Reich.

Wartime poster...

Next we visit the German Technology museum.

We only have time to see the old trains and wander though the aviation section.

The museum is built on the site of an old roundtable.

You think "big iron" when you see these antiques...

An amber ship model.

Don't recall ever seeing this one before.

German aviation...

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