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Saturday, 25 April 2009

Speaking of Eurotrash Gypsies...

Tampa, Florida

My SIL and BIL have left their home in Venice (Italy) for a three week vacation in the area of the Italian Amalfi coast. This is one of my most favorite places. My sister-in-law has posted some lovely pictures on her website. I envy their ability to think outside the box about where to live and the courage to implement their thoughts.

We're doing some last minute maintenance before heading out on our annual seven-month camping trip. This year we're focusing on America's west coast.

- We rented a carpet cleaner yesterday and sucked seven months worth of grime out of the carpet.

- Mom's pool pump is cavitating. I suspect a bad O-ring is letting in air somewhere. I'll have to fix that before we leave.

- I need to get a spare key made for the RV door and hide it outside somewhere. We locked ourselves out in the Mexican desert last year and locked our cell phones and Toyota keys inside. Thank goodness for Good Sam's road service.

- My dermatologist didn't take any new biopsies. That indicates no apparent cancers for a change. I should be good to go for a few months. I'll find another one out in California this summer and try to wear a hat and sunscreen for a change.

- Mrs. Phred convinced me to pack the SCUBA gear. It would be cool to see some giant kelp somewhere on the Pacific Coast this summer.

- Mom's blood work tests, blood pressure and weight were excellent, once again. She has the constitution of a water buffalo.

- We need to wash the RV and check the fluid levels and tire pressures.

- The automatic satellite dish is malfunctioning. I Jerry-rigged a connection to our portable dish. With my database of azimuths and altitudes from last year, I hit the satellite perfectly on the first shot. We're taking the RV in Tuesday to see if they can get the automatic dish working. If not, it's no big deal, we can use the portable.

- I'm trying to find an adapter to drop the tow bar for the Toyota about nine inches. I've been to two likely vendors and have been referred to a third vendor who might have the right gadget.

- The tow bar itself is slightly bent and one arm does not retract properly. This gives us only an inch or two of tolerance about positioning the Toyota to hook it up for towing. I have a lead on a welding shop that has a big press. If that doesn't work out we'll go to the Roadmaster factory in Oregon. We drove right by it on our last trip though Oregon.

One of our first stops will be New Orleans for some jazz and good food. We hope to leave Wednesday.


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  1. Have a safe our for the Mexican swine flu...your favorite eurotrash gypsie...