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Thursday, 16 April 2009

Valencia: Pretty City

Valencia, Spain

The 400 mile drive from Granada took a big bite out of yesterday. Finding the Hertz place in Valencia to turn in the Toyota was a challenge. We hit some snow topping the Sierra Nevada mountains. Our hotel is very modern and is in the historic city center next to the train station and bull ring.

The buildings here are very lovely.

This is a huge market building in the center of the city. There is an amazing variety of meat, fruit, vegetables, pastries and olive oil.

The Graffiti here is abundant.

This plaza with all the pigeons reminds us of Venice. We find a little restaurant for dinner and order two things at random. She orders the "numero tres" and I opt for the "numero cinco". I end up with fried eggs, fried potatoes and ribs of lamb. Mrs. Phred gets salad, something a little like quiche (called a tortilla) and grilled chicken breast. We're both pleased. The wine is good and only one euro a glass.

Our Bullet train (the AVE train) leaves for Barcelona at 10 AM tomorrow. That's our last stop before catching a plane back to The World in Madrid. If you need someone to order a bottle of house wine in Spanish, I'm your guy.

My Sister-in-law says Barcelona is known for graffiti. There is a lot of bad graffiti here as well as good stuff. Some of it is artless and defaces old historic doors and walls. The banks in Spain get a lot of angry graffiti too.

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