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Monday, 13 April 2009

Ronda: Bullfighting Capital

Ronda, Spain

We're on a tight schedule today. We have two hours to allocate to Ronda and then a 200 mile drive at 120 KPH to Granada. Ronda is a lovely White City built on a tall sandstone cliff. It has the largest bullring in Spain. I pay 6 euros to wander though.

When we arrive in Granada, we see a bullfight on TV. The bull is bloody and has things sticking out of his shoulders. He chases the cape around in circles, but cannot reach his tormentor. The last shot shows the bullfighter holding up a bloody piece of the bull. It looks like a tongue, but maybe it's an ear?

The TV also shows several people being gored during the running of the bulls in Pomploma. I haven't done that since my visit with Hemingway back in '25.

Ronda has a magnificent old bridge that joins the old and new city. There is lot of action there with shoppers and people in plazas drinking vino and eating bocadillos and tapas. We wish we had more time.

We check into the Granada hotel and walk to the old town to buy a map. Tomorrow we visit the Alhambra.

Here's a shot of the Ronda bullring.

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