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Wednesday, 13 February 2008

The Day the Sun Went Nova

I’m reading “The Fruit Palace”, a true story about an Englishman’s travels in Columbia in search of the cocaine story. The author, Charles Nicholl, is a faint echo of Hunter S. Thompson. He lacks the high, thin note of total lunacy that Hunter brought to the table. Telling a completely true story is a big handicap.

Mrs. Phred has bought into the proposed 2008 camping trip, reserving rights to make additions or deletions as she sees fit.

The last time we were in Colorado, the Russians had just invaded Afghanistan. We were high in the Rockies in a freak town called Nederland. We walked out onto the snow at 8,000 feet at midnight on New Years Eve. The full moon was directly overhead, surrounded by a ring of ice crystals. The brightness was overwhelming. In our altered state, we thought for a few panicked moments that the sun had gone Nova and we were seeing its intense reflection as the Earth began to vaporize.

The next day Mrs. Phred and I went to a Colorado restaurant and bar. Three large young men snatched the ashtray off our table and went into the men’s room. I pounded on the locked door and demanded the return of the ashtray. They told me that they would return it shortly. To this day, I have no idea what corrupt and deviant practices these three perverts were involved in with that ashtray.

We finally managed to snag “The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward, Robert Ford” on DVD. After watching the amazing “”3:10 to Yuma”, I’m ready for another good cowboy flick. This wasn't it. Possibly the most pointless and depressing cowboy movie of all time. I’d also like to catch “Cloverfield” at the theatre. After the great speed-freak zombies in “I am Legend”, an updated takeoff on the Godzilla theme will be welcome. The whole movie is filmed in the “Blair Witch Project” style; from the viewpoint of a personal handheld video camera…budget $25 million.

This morning I swam a bunch of laps in light rain. When the sun came out at noon, Mrs. Phred and I played some singles. Score 6-2, 6-1, her favor. I'm cooking a big pot of vegetarian chile for dinner. The cold fronts sweep though Florida every 3-5 days. They bring rain and the temperature drops to about 60F (16C)at night and 75F (24C) during the day before it warms up again.

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