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Monday, 11 May 2009

Why Betty’s RV Park is America’s Best

Abbeville, Louisiana

Betty’s is sometimes rated as the number one RV Park in America. Others say it is one of the top 25. There are only 14 spots laid out around Betty’s home in Abbeville. There is no pool, no hot tub, no tennis court.

What makes it a top park is Betty Bernard. Every night Betty has a happy hour from 4:30 to 6:30. While, I’m quite an introvert, but in the last two evenings I’ve had very interesting conversations with at least six different people. Mrs. Phred is in her element here, interacting with the other residents.

Many of the visitors to Betty’s are Cajuns. I’ve met three so far, including Marvin, a militant Cajun. Marvin is very focused on the English deportation of the Acadian Nova Scotia French Settlers 200 years ago. He tells me about Queen Elizabeth’s apology to the Cajun/Acadians. I think that the Queen has a way to go with her apologies if you include the Irish, the Scots, the South Africans, the Indians and Pakistanis and all the Arabs.

Tonight Betty put on a potluck dinner that included Cajun red beans and sausage. Tomorrow Betty is taking us all to a Cajun restaurant.

Betty keeps a book of interesting things to see, including:
- Zydeco Music Joints
- Crawfish Farms
- Local Cajun restaurants
- Hot Sauce Factories
- Oil Rig Tours
- Casinos and Horse Races
- Swamp Tours

We signed up for three days and added two more today. I like it here. Marvin says the Cajun culture has assimilated all the other people who have moved in. It’s a good time happy place where you can revel in sucking crawfish heads and dancing to upbeat Zydeco music.


  1. Sounds like a great place and a fun time. It's on my list to check out.

  2. You come stay for a week or a won't be sorry...reservations suggested..

  3. way to go to of my favorite places...