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Friday, 22 May 2009

Forever Autumn

Aunt Aura sent me a real letter about 16 years ago and I slipped it in a desk drawer intending to answer. I was busy. It never happened. We lost touch.

I Google her and find that she is 87 and still teaching Shakespeare at the University of Texas in Austin. We have a very enjoyable visit. Aura gives us a copy of her memoir. A publisher is very interested in the part where she taught Shakespeare to Mississippi black children in the 1960s.

I scan that and the part where she is teaching the "Crips" and the "Bloods" in South Los Angeles. It's well written, easily as good as the stuff we buy.

Aunt Aura has had some health problems recently. She tells me that she goes to sleep by reciting the names of the nine Supreme Court justices. I'm way overdue to write her a return letter.

Aura is living with her daughter Jo and her husband John. They seem to be living a dream life with a lovely home, four talented children and a a beach house. John explains that his company makes designer analog and digital chips for cell phones and other applications. They treat us to dinner. The hospitality is impeccable.

Aura's memoir is called "Forever Autumn". We also get a CD from the youngest son, Sammy and his group, the "Loose Cannons"... It's good.

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