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Saturday, 23 May 2009

Step Away From the Computer!

San Antonio, Texas

I went though basic training here in the summer of 1963 and then Officer's Training School in the winter of 1965-66. Mrs. Phred flew out to join me and we bought a little green Triumph TR4-A and loaded all our possessions into it and drove to San Francisco for the Summer of Love and Navigator training school in Sacramento..

Today we take Bus 24 to downtown and then wander the River walk for a time. We go to see the new Terminator movie at the huge mall on the River walk. John Conner has his hands full and Arnold makes a short virtual appearance. As we exit the mall, the skies threaten a downpour so we duck into a Mexican Restaurant on the River walk for margaritas and lunch. There are a number of Airman Basics wandering the River walk. These kids haven't earned their first stripe, but they have two or three medals already. Apparently this is a policy change. We buy yet another umbrella and make our way to the bus stop for the return trip.

There is a water park 40 miles north called the Schlitterbahn. It's rated as the number one water park in the world. I want to go tomorrow. Pictures to follow.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Phred has taken over the laptop while I step outside for a smoke. "STEP AWAY FROM THE COMPUTER, MA'AM", I tell her...I have things to share with my public.

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