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Saturday, 10 December 2011

The Golden Triangle

On the Thai, Burma and Laos Borders

We load into Ken's Corolla and begin a three day journey through the Golden Triangle in the far northern part of Thailand. We stop at Hot Springs and buy some eggs to boil. Bennett says eating two eggs a day will repel mosquitoes.

Later we come upon the Wat Bang Pong temple. It is relatively modest. The courtyard is full of Thai people who find us rather curious.

The monk says that this new construction will house the monks who are associated with the Temple. It is wonderful that Bennett is fluent in Thai.

A few miles further on we take a detour onto some side roads to see the Temple of the Golden Angel (Wat Pho Chao Thong Thip). They are building a symbolic boat of some sort on the river.

Carol and Bennett shake out numbered sticks which lead to fortune papers. Carol is not to expect a baby soon.

We have lunch in a little restaurant constructed of sticks and a thatched roof. The toilet flushes by poring in a pan of water. The food is very good and spicy and inexpensive.

The Wat Wrong Koon Temple (Muddy Corner is Bennett's translation) is our next stop. Garish means excessively flighty. This temple is garish, white and airy.

A rich businessman built this temple. He only accepts temple donations up to 10,000 baht. He makes no offerings to monks or other good works. Bennett suspects he built the temple to earn merit.

One must live a good life or end up in something like Buddhist purgatory.

This Men's Room sign is fairly explicit.

Temples ahead!

We go to the Excellent Opium Museum at the tip of Northern Thailand. You begin by walking up a long tunnel with eerie music and tortured images.

Burma is in the upper left over the river. Laos is to the right over the Mekong River. We're standing on the tip of Thailand. This is the Golden Traingle according to the Thai Tourism Bureau.

Finally in the evening we visit a "Short Time" hotel in Chiang Rai. It is called the Red Rose. The rooms all have themes. This room is the "Little Mermaid" room. Disney would be annoyed if they only knew.

Most of the rooms are occupied. We go into one very steamy room called the Herbal Sauna room. Insects of some sort, possibly fleas, bite Mrs. Phred.

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