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Friday, 30 December 2011

Thinking Back

Sarasota, Florida

The vacation was really interesting.  The best part was meeting the people. In Thailand, Carol's  cousin Bennett was extremely kind to arrange almost a week of sightseeing. It was good to see him again. You never know when will be the last time. It's hard to imagine topping this vacation.

Our local guide and driver in Thailand, Ken, was extremely knowledgeable  about things to do and see in Northern Thailand. We liked him a lot and we felt privileged to meet his wife and three children for dinner one night in Chiang Mai.


In Cambodia, our guides were Bantah and Sothy. They both had personal experience with the Khmer Rouge and the genocides in Cambodia at very young ages. Despite this, they were very humorous and knowledgeable guides.


Tony and Henry (so what makes me think they might have other names?) were our guides throughout South Vietnam, Cambodia and North Vietnam. Tony was responsible for our section of the group and helped us overcome some Visa difficulties. They both were very likable people who showed a great deal of wisdom and maturity in dealing with some of the more difficult and crotchety members of the tour.


Tony would end each evening by singing a beautiful rendition of some song that Frank Sinatra might have managed on a good day. Such likeable people. It's hard to believe that we were trying to rack up a body count on people like Tony's father 45 years ago. What were we thinking?

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  1. well it certainly looks like you had a fabulous trip...thanks for taking us with you....can't wait to hear all the stories....Happy New Year...sil