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Wednesday, 7 December 2011

The Emerald Buddha


There are big crowds at the Temple of the Emerald Buddha. You can't take pictures inside so most of those on the floor gazing up in rapture are not tourists. I get a shot of the Emeral Buddha from outside the Temple, through a doorway, with an extreme zoom.

I like the way the Buddhists concentrate on virtues rather than sins, turning philosophy inside out.

Some of the virtues are:
Danam (giving)
Silam (righteous conduct)
Pariccagam (personal scacrifice: material and spiritual)
Ajjavan (honesty and freedom from pretence)
Maddavam (gentleness and humility)
Tapam (concentration of effort)
Akkodham (freedom from anger)
Avhimsa (freedom from malice)
Khanti (patience)
Avirodhanam (avoidance of wrongdoing)

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  1. All religions focus on virtues. However, deviance from the standard is sin. Then repentance of sin and back to the virtue. The religious cycle.......