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Saturday, 24 December 2011

Cambodian Dancing Queen

Siem Reap, Cambodia

I really had to work to get this videa posted. First I had to download it from someone elses Iphone. Then I had to load a Kodak program to play it on my PC. I tried uploading it directly to blogger, but they don't like MOV files. So I opened a You Tube account, uploaded it there and then embedded the You Tube videa in this blog....blah...

The best way to view this is to click where it says "You tube" and go directly to you tube for a bigger image.

We wake up on the boat in Kampong Cham and wait for the bus to take us to Siem Reap and Angkor Wat.

It's a five hour bus ride though Cambodia. On the way we stop to look at a rubber tree plantation.

The hotel in Siem Reap is nicely landscaped.

It's Christmas Eve and our 45th anniversary tonight.

Asians like to decorate for Christmas, even if they are mostly Buddhist or Muslim.

The weather is hot and steamy. I'm glad it's winter. This is high season for tourists.

We have dinner on the patio the first night. It is a buffet. The food is really bad. Everything is full of bones. Even the chicken is full of shattered bone as if it has been chopped with a machete. I'd put that down to local custom except the hotel manager is very urbane from Sicily. He's got a contract to provide the meal and is trying to make a profit on non-return customers. We get that in Florida a .lot.'

Local children sing Christmas carols and local artists do traditional dances to entertain the hotel guests..


  1. That's my sister "the dancing fool"...way to go Carole it is nice to know you have not lost it...hope your 45th was sil

  2. Go Girl! Great JOB..... Bandit

  3. beautiful hotel....sil

  4. Nice place to visit, thanks for the great pictures, I can sit in my armchair and travel with you for free! I enjoy your posts and pictures, Phred! Nellspring in Virginia