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Monday, 11 October 2010

A Day on the Water

Offshore Sarasota
Chris and Al were kind enough to invite us onto their boat Sunday.

They have it docked right next to Marina Jack's in downtown Sarasota.

The boat is over 40 feet long. I find it hard to imagine all the work that Al has put into maintaining all the systems, electronics and paint.

I'm not sure that I've ever been on boat this size. It kicks up a tremendous wake after Al skillfully threads his way though miles of channels and sandbars.

The sheer wealth on display along miles of Sarasota shoreline (and other Florida beaches) is always mind-boggling...

Mrs. Phred enjoying the salt breeze.

Al and Chris invited four couples for the cruise. They served pizza and other munchies back at the dock.

Looks like its still lobster season in Florida. I was pleased to learn that the over 65 fishing license in Florida is free....They call the additional lobster stamp something like a "crawfish" permit.

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  1. looks like you had a great florida day.... sil