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Friday, 29 October 2010

Faded Memories

Sarasota, Florida

We've moved all the remaining stuff in our storage unit from Tampa to just outside the park here in Sarasota. It took two trips with the U-haul trailer. We gave boxes of clothing, books and other stuff to Goodwill and managed to find takers for the washer and dryer and some other furniture.

One sticky problem is several boxes of photographs and slides that we've taken over the 45 years we've been together. There are thousands of Pix. It doesn't seem right to just pitch them...what to do? It took me two hours to scan in these nine pictures. I think the one above and below are on the nude Club Med beach in Martinique in 1985...25 years ago. Sometimes Mrs. Phred had big hair.

We're sitting in our living room in Tampa  in the shot below. The wall color leads me to think it's about 1990. Some of the pictures have turned purple....others have faded badly....that whole color photo thing before digital didn't age very well.

About 1980...I'm between jobs (my own CPA firm and going to work for 25 years for the American Cancer Society)....I'm putting on 2,000 square feet of shingles...

Wow...1967 in Tacoma...Mrs. Phred is going to the formal Officer's Christmas Party. I bought the picture in Bangkok and the furniture in Cebu City in the Philippines...The woman I picked up in 1965 at an FSU cast party in was "A Man for All Seasons"...

More camping out sometime in the 1970s....The other disposal problem is all the beer and wine making equipment...the Sauvignon Blanc kit had turned to dark vinegar and the John Bull kit seemed to have an expanded can since I stored it five years ago.....I think I'll pitch the beer too...I'm worried about botulism...that still leaves all the physical equipment to dispose...I think goodwill would just be confused if I gave it to them...Botulism causes paralysis...they have to put you on a ventilator for weeks if you live...

This is about 1992. We still have the 85 Mustang, but the dogs are a clue that it's on it's last legs

Bill Bailey gave me this ratty leather jacket. It has a place for a badge and extra ammo clips. No telling when.

Driving the old van on a long summer camping trip with Mrs. Phred and Phred, Jr. Date unknown.

Mrs. Phred picking her way...

Only about 9,991 photos left to scan....sigh!!!

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