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Friday, 29 October 2010

Christmas Eve 1966

Miami, Florida

I have no clear recollection of the flight between Seattle and Miami with Mrs. Phred, although those were only my 2nd and 3rd rides on a real jet. I was in navigator school in Tacoma and my divorce from Wifezilla #1 had become official so we decided to give it another try. I remember that I had an ashtray of my own on the flight and that no one screened me to detect the pint of Wild Turkey in my sports coat or the 1911 AIA Colt .45 in my shoulder holster.

The Rabbi had Christmas Eve free so we picked that as a date to do the deed. Nobody briefed me on the traditions, so when the silver cup of wine came around, I chugged it leaving none for Rabbi Narrot or Mrs. Phred, but they both covered for me.

At the wedding dinner, my mother-in-law asked me in a whisper that everyone heard if I had been circumcised.After a moments thought, I answered, "No, but my brother has", at which point all eyes turned to him.

In the picture above. my mother-in-law, Frieda, and sister-in-law, Jil, are at our left. Frieda was an extremely intelligent and interesting conversationalist. She had the knack of talking to complete strangers, like Bill Bailey, for hours. Her Masters Degree was from Smith. Her last job was counseling economically disadvantaged males about vasectomies, which required her to learn a whole new basic language about certain body parts.

My brother, David, and Mrs. Phred's sister, Jil, are in this picture to our right. We woke up the next morning (Mrs. Phred and I, not my brother or her sister) in a hotel room on Miami beach in separate single beds. My father-in-law reserved the room. That might have been his little joke...

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