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Friday, 29 October 2010

Our Daughter-in-Law

New York City, 1991

In 1991, it became apparent that our son, Ken, and Carie were heavily involved, so...We decided to take them both to visit Ken's Aunt Jil and Uncle Tom in New York City over the Christmas break of 1991.

We never could have guessed that we would end up with seven lovely grandchildren and that Carie would have the energy to home-school them all in Latin, Greek, Piano, mathematics, and other subjects.

So what we have here, on this blog, are pictures of Ken and Carie as they prepared to graduate from FSU about a year before they were married.

We all walked from Jil and Tom's loft by the World Trade Center to the Brooklyn Bridge on Christmas morning. There was no traffic in lower Manhattan and about a foot of snow with no footprints or tire tracks.

Seven grandchildren...all well-educated and well-behaved...what a blessing! and what an amazing daughter-in-law...


  1. Great pix! Guess you were luck to get such a great daughter-in-law..... not many people are that lucky!

  2. How fortunate you have such a wonder DIL and your bride hasn't changed in those many years either.