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Monday, 2 August 2010

Blueberries and The Bay of Fundy

Grand Pre, Nova Scotia

When we arrive in Windsor. our friends, Gordie and Cappa. have arranged campsites in Windsor and Grand Pre for our weekend visit. The Windsor campsite is interesting. It's the town fairgrounds with a water slide, Go-kart track, a field full of antique autos and the Antique engine and tractor association.

This is the most fruit Mrs. Phred has picked since she went to Israel to work on a kibbutz and pick apples.

Gordie and Cappa feed us some great dinners (steak one night and cedar planked salmon another day)and Gordie invites us for his "Sunday breakfast feast. The picture below is from a famous "look-off" on the Bay of Fundy that they took us to look at..

They have a very busy weekend with a committed garage sale to raise money to maintain the local tennis courts. We play a couple of sets of doubles. Gordie has become very proficient and Cappa makes some great returns at the net. We go to a big U-pick blueberry farm. It only takes about an hour to pick gallons of huge blueberries. They run us out to the fields in a bus.

We tour about and meet this fisherman who runs a snowplow in the winter. His boat is sitting in the mud waiting for the tide to come back in.

In the morning, we'll be rafting on a tidal bore that generates fifteen foot waves when the big fifty foot tide rips back though a narrow river to a huge lake.

This picture is called a rose between two thorns.

and a thorn between two roses...

This guy is doing some serious flower farming.

We haven't seen apple trees for many years.

The tide is out.

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  1. looks like you are having fun...what did you do with all of the blueberries
    i did not notice any packages coming my way :-).....sil