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Thursday, 29 July 2010

Peggy's Cove and Lunenburg

Near Halifax, Nova Scotia

The Wi-Fi has been hard to find the last few days. These pictures are from the historic village of Lunenburg, on the coast, near Halifax.

Lunenburg was established in 1759 as a fishing village. The houses are old and architecturally interesting, at least to us. We like old wood frame houses with lots of exterior detail. We spend an hour tromping around, snapping Pix.

The town plan was made back in England with no regard for geographic contours. We see a long RV get hung up on a steep grade. The local policewoman tells us it happens 3 or 4 times a year when people fail to regard the "no RVs" signs. They get a big wrecker and hoist the RV chassis off the street.

The Marine Historic Museum in Lunenburg is worth several hours. They run a series of nearly continuous videos, build dories, describe the history of the fisheries and have a memorial room for the 700 fishermen that have died here of the last 100 years. The cod jig above used a long time ago when the cod were plentiful and weighed 40 or 50 pounds each.

They used to fish with a single hand line from a dory. Then they started running trap lines out about a mile with a baited hook every six feet. Finally they built big boats powered by diesels with wide nets that scooped everything off the bottom.

We stop at a fish market to buy cod on the way out of Lunenburg and get the rant we have heard 20 times in the Maritimes. The damned seals eat all the cod and the Europeans who have banned seal products are all fools. I'm not so sure that the seals are completely to blame for the collapsed cod fisheries. I don't express my doubts. Instead, we buy scallops and smoked mackerel. We make a nice dip from the mackerel with cream cheese and squeezed lemon juice.

Peggy's Cove is about an hour away. There are lots of tourists here in this little picturesque fishing village. There are two big buses full of Japanese tourists. The buses are covered with Japanese symbols. There are also several hundred cars like ours looking for a parking space.

Peggy's cove is very pretty. We snap a few Pix and head on back to the RV.

Our friends, Gordie and Cappa, have reserved space for us in RV parks near Windsor about 60 miles away. We hope to play some tennis with them and catch up on their lives up here in Nova Scotia.

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  1. wonderful photos....looks like the weather is cooperating....sil