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Sunday, 11 July 2010

The Caravan

North Sydney, Nova Scotia

The problem with the automatic satellite dish turned out to be a weak signal from the satellite. We're too far north and east to pick up a reliable broadcast even though my calculations show that the satellite is above the visible horizon.
It's raining again this morning. We'll spend the day reading, defrosting the refrigerator, food shopping and planning our trip to Newfoundland.

We've been here three nights. Yesterday we went to see The Coal Miner's Museum. We got a tour underground with Sheldon, an old coal miner who told us about rats, cave-ins, explosions and fires. The whole tour was with a four foot roof. The Coal Company didn't pay to remove enough rock from the mine to make the miners life comfortable. They only wanted the coal seam between the rock layers.

In the morning, I finally located some pipe tobacco in North Sydney. It was $22 an ounce. My last purchase in Maine was $12 for 16 ounces. I looked up the law on tobacco sales here and there are some odd provisions. They have to keep tobacco in a closed closet and they can only show you the quantity and product that you intend to purchase.
We bought our ferry tickets to Newfoundland. There was a five day wait here before we could get on a ferry next Tuesday.

This campground is only three miles from the ferry terminal so we see the caravans coming and going as we wait our turn.
"Caravan" has a limited meaning here. We use it to refer to a voluntary collection of motor homes, 5th wheels or trailers that have agreed to travel together.
Last night about 40 antique autos got off the ferry from Newfoundland and pulled in for the night.
We talked to some of them. As might be expected, broken pistons and failed oil pumps dominated their thoughts.

Most of the people in this caravan were Canadians.

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