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Thursday, 1 July 2010

Holy Mackerel!

Prince Edward Island

If you see an image on this blog without my signature, I stole it off the internet. My own pix are all signed. This is a lovely island, about the size of Puerto Rico (100 miles by 50). It's pastoral and manicured with many potato farms, rivers and bays.

I went fishing yesterday. The people running the boat had heavy Irish accents. A lot of Irish immigrants settled here. I caught a codfish but had to throw it back because the season on cod starts July 11 this year. Tuna fishing starts July 19, but even if you catch a 1,000 pound blue fin tuna, the boat owner keeps it and sells it to the Japanese for about $30,000.

So, what we caught was mackerel. I have a couple of pounds of fillets in the freezer. We also went into Charlottetown to a "Founders" exhibit that did a good job of explaining how the Canadian Provinces came to be, starting with an exploratory meeting here in PEI in 1864. The Maritime Provinces (PEI, Newfoundland, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia) were not really that hot on the concept of confederation. The last of them came into the fold in 1948. Our hosts still think that it was all a bad idea for PEI. Eventually, about 80% of Canada was purchased from the Hudson Bay Company for about $1,000,000. Unfortunately, the company didn't really have title to the land so treaties had to be hammered out with the natives.

We've been playing doubles with our hosts. They're really nice people who make us feel like they'd be fine if we parked in their yard all summer. Freeman has a good serve. Today our games were 7-5 and 6-4.

We came over on the eight mile long "Confederation Bridge" from New Brunswick. On the way out, in the morning, we'll take the ferry to Nova Scotia and the Breton Peninsula. Today is "Canada Day", a big holiday here. Happy Birthday, Canada!

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