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Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Repairs and more repairs

Lake Sebago, Maine

Last night we went with Gordon and Barrie to Rick's Place. They have a statue of Humphrey Bogart at the front door dressed in a white Tuxedo. The restaurant is right on the lake and very busy this time of year with seaplanes and speedboats. We'll play some more tennis with them today and then head south.

The Toyota braking system now has over 160,000 driven and towed miles in four years. Dragging it 200 miles last week with the emergency brake on didn't help. We drove it into the Bangor Toyota place Saturday and they gave us $770.13 worth of new brakes in 3 hours on a slow Saturday afternoon.

We set the GPS controls for the New Balance outlet store in Skowhegan on Monday. I think New Balance might have its corporate headquarters there. I got some shirts and new tennis shoes. On Thursday they are starting the big tent sale where you can get $100 shoes for $20.

Last night I stepped on my lower dentures...don't ask... and bent them so they they didn't fit any more...I got an immediate appointment with a young Maine dentist who was greatly impressed with the precision work. He asked my permission to take pictures and refitted them.

I found a used bookstore and purchased seven paperbacks for $14. They were mostly old friends like "From Here to Eternity" by James Jones and "Fields of Fire" by James Webb. As you get older you can reread books from 30 or 40 years back and enjoy them again. I make break out a few boxes of books from our storage unit when we return to Florida in December or whenever.

I've taken Gordon diving over on Palm Beach a couple of times. We're parked by their boathouse and had a fun couple of sets of doubles tennis with them .

Nigel is a Portugese Water Dog. He's very friendly. They got him before Obama picked out one as the First dog. I made that blueberry pie with some of the blueberries we picked in Nova Scotia last week. It was good. I used corn starch instead of flour to thicken the blueberries.

The boathouse was built in 1921. I think it's on the local registry of historic places.

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