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Thursday, 26 August 2010

I'm in Love

With the Village of Climax

We spent two days at a State Park in Port Huron, Michigan, After crossing back into the U.S.A. The crossing was not the best. It took 90 minutes to get up to the border guard. I love the new scanners that look for WMD on semi-trucks and cars.

My first move, back in the U.S., was to Google a smoke shop in Port Huron. They had choices of 60 different varieties of pipe tobacco at $16 a pound. My last ounce in Ontario cost $30 and they only had one brand behind the counter, out of the view of children. I bought two pounds.

Today we traveled West toward Chicago. We stopped in a rest area to Google the train schedule between Michigan City and Chicago and found that the train line is shut down for repairs this weekend. We revised our plans to pick up the train much further West in East Chicago to Millennium Station. That was a station too far for today's drive, so we veered off to Cold Brook County Park near the Village of Climax.

The park is very beautiful compared to, for example, a commercial KOA or any other commercial park semi-filled with all the trashy seasonal campers we've been seeing all summer in New England and Canada. The problem with seasonal campers is that they leave their campers for the season and only visit the camps on occasional end up with a high ratio of ugly trailers and RVs to people and all the kitchy decorations, ugly string lights and cheesy landscaping that goes with semi-permanent or permanent trailer parks.

So...The Village of Climax....It's mostly corn fields right now..I have no idea how high an elephant's eye might be, but this corn is higher than my eye...six feet into the field and you'd be lost...but the people are so friendly and helpful...they know you're a's a very small town...and go out of their way to help you find your way. They have a little library, a grocery store, a small bank, a hairdresser and an auto body shop that looks very busy...

I love it...With a name like Climax, it's got to be good...Everything came together for Climax in 1976, when the local High School won the Class D State championship in Basketball...tomorrow I will be interviewing local residents to see what happened to the local team, who are now all about 50.

I'm sure Mrs. Phred will also love Climax...we may just stop here and sell the RV...stay tuned..

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