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An irregular marking on the exterior of Native American pottery: usually resulting from burning fuel coming in direct contact with the vessel during firing

Friday, 6 August 2010

Damn! I Love it Here!

Bangor, Maine

Yesterday we spent our last day in Canada for a few weeks, until we cross back over in Niagara falls to see Toronto.

We went to the Fundy National Park in New Brunswick and drove the Toyota up to see the Hopewell Rocks.

We cleared American Customs about noon. The customs lady takes our peppers this time and leaves the beef and potatoes.

We pull into Bangor and get a solid line of services. Look! There's a Dunkin Donuts...and a Toyota oil change place...a bank with an ATM...a drug store...and a pipe tobacco shop that sells Pinot Grigio...I love it. I love it.

I like to be in America
Okay by me in America
Everything free in America
For a small fee in America

Skyscrapers bloom in America
Cadillacs zoom in America
Industry boom in America
Twelve in a room in America

Life can be bright in America
if you can fight in America
Life is all right in America
If you're all white in America

Everywhere grime in America
Organized crime in America
Terrible time in America

- from West Side Story

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