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An irregular marking on the exterior of Native American pottery: usually resulting from burning fuel coming in direct contact with the vessel during firing

Saturday, 13 June 2009

Shadow Mountain Scenic RV Resort

Pahrump, Nevada

We really like the atmosphere here. This will be our third night. It feels like home. It's a small park with some landscaping and free laundry. George is the manager and gave us permission to wash the crud off the RV. He is a nice guy, a former California aerospace graphic designer.

There is a little patch of lush green grass for our lawn chairs and end table. Rabbits and road-runners frequent the park. Shadow Mountain is behind us. There are good services for shopping about five miles away in Pahrump. Charlie's bar has live music tonight.

It's been a maintenance day. Here's what we've done:
  • Shopping in Walmart for groceries and two new radials for the Toyota.
  • Rebuild the tow wires and test with the voltmeter.
  • Wash Clothes
  • Wash the RV
  • Use Elmer's wood glue and clamps to fix some loose woodwork.
  • Pay bills online and file papers.
  • Drink some Guiness stout.

Time to move on to the Sequoia National Park in the morning.

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  1. Wow, Ms Phred, you are sure brave. I'm thinking that's how I'll have to do mine too.