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Tuesday, 16 June 2009

High Sierra

Inyo National Forest, California

You may remember "High Sierra" with Ida Lupino and Humphrey Bogart (1941). Bogart plays Roy Earle, a gangster with feelings of an almost human nature. After a robbery gone bad, he splits with Marie (Ida) and his dog. "Pard", and retreats to a Sierra mountaintop. After a cold night, he hears Pard bark and runs out calling Marie's name. He is shot in the back of the head by a police sharpshooter, finding the freedom he always sought. This film elevated Bogart to stardom. Bogart's dog, Zero, played Pard.

There's a trout in here somewhere, but don't stare at the photo too long or it will begin to stare back at you.

The drive up to 10,000 feet still leaves you thousands of feet below the snow covered peaks. The lakes and streams are crystal clear at this elevation and full of hungry trout.

My hip boots, net and fishing gear are in the Toyota trunk. Maybe I'll get them out this week and try my luck?

We see a couple of Marmots.

In the Fall the aspens turn orange and yellow.

We talked to Jesse and arranged an all day horseback ride up along some of the ridges at 10,000 feet tomorrow. Jesse says we should be able to get some good pictures.

You can walk a trail from this lake about three miles and be in the King's Canyon National Park to the West. To get there by road is about 250 miles.

Rock climbing is another sport you see here.

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